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About Nadja


Nadja, starseed, author, empath, intuitive artist, lecturer, and transformational  coach is dedicated to raising awareness on the planet through publication, artwork, conscious raps, mentoring, ancestral clearing, public speaking, standup comedy, and workshops. Nadja's focus is on Embodiment, Ascension, and The New Earth. Her work would resonate with other Starseeds, Lightworkers, Empaths and all others interested in moving into states of higher frequency through energy healing and transmissions. 



High Frequency Books,  Multidimensional artwork, Conscious raps, Coaching, Public Speaking, and Workshops created for Starseeds, Empaths, Lightworkers and the awakening Global Community Interested in Embodiment, Ascension, and The New Earth. 

The Nadja Media Community


Nadja Media is dedicated to the well being of your Body, Mind, and Spirit by raising awareness on topics such as Ascension, Embodiment, Relationships, Self-Development, Physical Well Being, and Emotional Health and Wellness. Nadja's creations and services are geared to those interested in higher states of consciousness and The New Earth.




Creativity Workshops: Are you wanting to be more creative? Perhaps you would like to market your original art, crafts, etc. Come to a workshop to get a jumpstart and be inspired to keep your creative juices flowing. Nadja loves being in the creative flow and experiments with many different artistic pursuits.

Self-Publishing: Everyone has at least one book inside of them. Have you always wanted to publish a book? More Options...

Ancestral Clearing


Nadja can help you clear the burden and limitation that affects your physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and financial well being. By clearing yourself you will be able to clear your current bloodline as well as your entire ancestral lineage. Nadja was trained and certified in Advanced Ancestral Clearing by John Newton of He has been successfully doing this Work for decades.

Life Coaching


Nadja teaches you the tools that she used to empower herself to learn how to truly love herself and to feel comfortable in the outside world. As you clear your energy field of blockages, you discover your gifts and talents and learn how to apply them to grow into the highest, most authentic version of yourself. By deeply connecting to your Creator from within, you will be able to grow into your True Self and live your original Divine Blueprint.


Nadja's gift to you for checking out this website. Enjoy!

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