Creativity Workshops

Are you wanting to be more creative? Perhaps you would like to market your original art, crafts, etc. Come to a workshop to get a jumpstart and be inspired to keep your creative juices flowing. Nadja loves being in the creative flow and experiments with many different artistic pursuits.


Journal Writing

Have you wanted to communicate with deeper parts of yourself on a consistent basis, even daily? Nadja has kept journals for well over 50 years. She will inspire you to set aside time to get more acquainted with who you truly are through journal writing. Journals can easily become memoirs of interest.



Everyone has at least one book inside of them. Have you always wanted to publish a book? Self-publishing is now easier than ever. Nadja has self-published 20 books and did 16 of her own covers. She can explain the nuts and bolts in a thorough but simplified, easy-to-understand presentation. If you have already written your book and have your manuscript saved on the computer, you should be able to have it up on Amazon within a week or less after attending this workshop.


Cooking and Food Preparation

Having lived many years, Nadja has explored numerous cooking methods including raw food preparation. This is one of her passions and she will show you how to prepare foods that keep your body in top nutrition, energy, and shape. She is knowledgeable about the dehydrator, solar oven, Instant Pot, regular pressure cooker, cast iron Dutch ovens, VitaMix, etc. Her classes include healthy meal prep, snacks, smoothies, fermentation, sprouting, dehydrating, how to make soured unleavened seeded pita bread and crackers, and much much more. 


Longevity and Health

Nadja is a healthy active octogenarian full of vitality and laughter. She has been a health enthusiast since the age of 17. She has experimented with every diet out there and now does what works for her. She has a wealth of information that she is eager to share with you, so you, too, can be healthy and vibrant into your eighties and nineties.

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